Interview with Bencorp’s Benny Manasseri

Bencorp is a locally owned construction company with experience across many industries. They offer a multitude of services with quality, care and great customer service.

Eco-friendly construction trends have continued to rise to prominence, particularly in a city such as Ottawa.

Benny Manasseri Bencorp Interview

Last week we sat down with Bencorp’s Benny Manasseri to discuss this important subject.

What do you see as the top eco-friendly trend in construction?

One thing we see is the use of materials that are recycled and have a long life. The last thing we want happening are materials wearing out and having to be replaced in a short period of time. This contributes to the growing issue of garbage in landfills. By using high quality materials from sustainable sources this can contribute to eco-friendliness in the construction industry.

Where do you see the direction going?

Builders and developers want to continually reduce costs on their projects and recurring bills such as heating, cooling and electrical. With the prominence of AI in the management of HVAC systems, electrical and natural gas systems there are huge opportunities to scale down systems at specific times in the day or day of the week based on building occupancy. I think the trend will point to these types of applications or software to help reduce costs and the eco-footprint.

Thank you to Benny for taking the time to sit down with us and helping make Ottawa a better place!

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