What Does the ENERGY STAR® Label Mean?

You’ve most likely noticed that various products in your home and work environments boast the highly respected ENERGY STAR® label. Synonymous with eco-friendliness and efficiency, the very presence of this iconic label on a product helps consumers identify and purchase items that respect their health, energy usage, and the environment.

Fewer Emissions and More Energy Efficient

The primary purpose of the ENERGY STAR® program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants caused by inefficient energy usage. Only products that can meet or exceed the program’s understandably strict and meticulous energy efficiency requirements are eligible for certification. For consumers, it enables for continuous trust in the program, as the sight of an ENERGY STAR® label on a product indicates that it will release fewer pollutants into the atmosphere and consume only the required amount of energy to sufficiently operate. In fact, products certified by the program typically use 20-30% less energy than required by federal standards, and the standards themselves have been adjusted over time to better reflect the growing trend of eco-friendliness. Purchasing certified products and replacing outdated items in your home with them allows for your household to drastically lower its carbon footprint over time. The program has saved over $362 billion on utility bills since 1992, and reduced a whopping 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases in the same amount of time.

Top Performing and Reliable Products

World-renowned for it’s effectiveness at presenting high quality products that respect consumers and the environment, the ENERGY STAR® label indicates that, through meticulous scientific testing and analysis, certified items are in the top 15-30% of their respective class for energy performance and efficiency. Low-quality off-brand items rarely, if at all, achieve certification, and as a result the program has been highly beneficial at separating leading edge green products from the rest of the competition.

Recognized by Reputable Governmental and Environmental Parties

In Canada, the ENERGY STAR® program name and symbol are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada, and heavily backed by the government as an effective system that helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Supported by the Environmental Protection Agency and other high-profile organizations, consumers can maintain confidence in the program’s reliability thanks to a storied legacy and reputation, which has produced well-documented results over the past couple of decades.

In the end, the ENERGY STAR® program and label equates to eco-friendliness that strives to reduce your utility bills and cost of living. In addition to protecting the environment from greenhouse gas emissions, it can protect you from adverse health affects tied to pollutant-rich products. By incorporating products with this respected label affixed to them, you are introducing green living to your home or work environment.

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