What do “Green Certified” Product Labels Mean?

When shopping for various products, you’ll notice that the latest trend in marketing is for companies to present their wares as “green certified” and less harmful for the environment. While the accuracy of such claims varies from product to product, consumers who bring home thoroughly green products (such as those certified by the Government of Canada-established EcoLogo Program) are often unsure what such standards represent.

Compliance with Environmental Performance Standards

In short, truly green certified products are rigorously and thoroughly tested in a variety of ways to ensure that they only produce after-effects that the Government of Canada and reputable third parties deem non-threatening to our environment. This means that green products such as mobile phones, cleaners, building materials, insulation, and paper-based items are free of or possess far fewer potentially harmful toxins and ingredients. They are scientifically engineered through careful research to be cleaner, comprising of more natural ingredients and fewer processed components that harm our atmosphere, air quality, and ecosystem.

Designed for Maximum Efficiency

Some goods that are green certified, such as electronics and building materials, offer benefits that will be noticeable on your next hydro or utility bill. Items such as LED light bulbs, smart televisions, thermal insulation, pool pumps, and water heaters are built to offer maximum performance with utmost energy efficiency. This is a thoroughly eco-friendly design element, as the less energy we use and the more we can conserve when utilizing specific products, goods, or services, the lower the impact it will have on our overall consumption and, in turn, the environment itself. Modern green certified products don’t pollute anywhere near as much as off-brand or uncertified items, as well.

Healthier for the Environment, and Healthier for You

The less we are exposed to foreign chemicals, processed toxins and other nasty surprises, the fewer adverse affects our consumerism will have on our health and life expectancy in the long run. By opting for green certified products, you are bringing home items that won’t be as abrasive or harmful to your health. This can slow and help prevent the development of respiratory problems, heart risks, chemical infections, kidney problems, liver failure, various cancers and long-term ailments, and also likely extend your life expectancy through interaction with more natural elements rather than manufactured ones. True certified green products often include a comprehensive and clearly outlined list of ingredients to help you better decide whether it is right for you.

Whether BPA-free, ENERGY STAR® compliant, or a participant of Canada’s EcoLogo Program (a government-recognized green certification program), green certified products are the way of a future. This is because they are specifically engineered and developed to meet our needs without damaging the future of our environment and overall health.

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