Where to Recycle Rechargeable and Lead-Acid Batteries in Ottawa

Batteries are sensitive and toxic items that require special attention and care during every stage of their lifecycles, including their eventual disposal. If not disposed of correctly, they can seriously poison our environment and prove to be a safety hazard. While the city’s Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program accepts such items for disposal, they operate on an erratic and infrequent schedule. To simplify the disposal process, here is a list of commercial locations that accept rechargeable and/or lead-acid batteries during regular operating hours.

The Source, Staples Business Depot

It makes sense that retailers specializing in electronics and office supplies would willingly accept batteries, though it is important to note that at this time The Source and Staples only take back rechargeable ones and not lead-acid batteries. Most locations in the city will help you out as participants in the Take it Back! Program, but require that you phone ahead to notify them beforehand. For a complete list of participating locations, click here.

The Home Depot, RONA, Canadian Tire, and Lowe’s

Hardware stores typically welcome unwanted rechargeable batteries with open arms, so long as you call in advance and speak with a representative to inform them how many you plan to drop off. While there aren’t many participating locations on the Take it Back! Program list, several are located near suburban and primarily residential areas on the outskirts of the city in addition to interior locations. This makes them more easily accessible and less time-consuming to recycle at. Contact a participating location on this list today.

Total Battery

Operating two locations — one at 65 Bentley Avenue and another at 1151 Newmarket Street — Total Battery is a great battery recycling solution. Why? Well, they accept rechargeable and lead-acid batteries and possess a deep understanding of the toxins and chemicals in them, which makes it more likely that they’ll properly dispose of what you drop off. Again, be sure to give them a call at either 613-225-1888 (65 Bentley) or 613-747-2666 (1151 Newmarket) and let them know how many batteries you plan on bringing over.

Alexander Battery Corporation

Like Total Battery, this company specializes in electronics, battery operation and disposal of tech waste, and they also recycle rechargeable and lead-acid batteries. They operate out of 145 Spruce Street, just south of Lebreton Flats near Little Italy, making them a centrally located disposal site perfect for those living deep within Ottawa proper. Contact Alexander Battery Corporation at 613-230-7117 when the need to dispose of batteries arises.

Ottawa’s various recycling programs offer many solutions to simple problems, and many retailers and private companies are willing to lend a hand. By choosing a participating Take it Back! Program location or entering an item type in the City of Ottawa Waste Explorer (found here), you’ll find a comprehensive list of suitable disposal sites, their addresses, and contact information.

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