The Importance of Recycling

Every day we throw away materials into our garbage bins that eventually end up in a landfill. With our population on the rise, our planet is becoming inundated with more and more landfills in an attempt to contain all of the waste that we produce. Yet, we can help reduce the impact on our world by taking the time to recycle and reuse many of the products that get casually tossed away. Below are just a few reasons to get involved in your local recycling regimes:

Saves Energy

New materials are created from raw materials that are stripped away from the environment and manufactured. This process costs time, money and energy. By simply recycling instead of tossing it into the garbage, you can drastically help reduce the demand, and therefore, the production and energy consumption costs that are required to make a brand new product.

Reduces Wastes

The amount of waste pilling up in landfills and throughout our oceans has become a major concern for the well-being of our planet. But if each individual took a moment or two to discard items properly and recycle whenever possible, it could drastically help alleviate the amount of waste that is polluting our earth and oceans. Recycling can help reduce the amount of landfills that are necessary to contain our waste, while contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Preserves our Resources

Excessive resource depletion is wreaking havoc on our world. The more products that are needed, the more natural resources that are required for production. Recycling helps us keep a healthy balance of resources needed for our survival.

Protects Wildlife and Habitats

Recycling also helps to protect the wildlife and the habitats in which they live. Paper recycling, for instance, has helped save millions of trees from being removed from our forests, which strip away the homes for thousands of other species when they’re cut down for our benefit.

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Pollution

In the manufacturing process of creating new products, deadly and destructive fossil fuels are burned. This is a major problem for our environment as it releases greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants into our air. The more you recycle, the fewer toxic chemicals are emitted into our atmosphere and the cleaner our air will be.

Creates demand for green products

Businesses and companies shift their supply of products based on the demand of what people purchase. The more you recycle the more demand there will be for recyclable products.

Recycling helps to reduce pollution, save the environment and also keep us healthy. It may feel like you can’t make much of an impact as an individual, but you most certainly can – every bit counts! You can help reduce the impact on our world by taking the time to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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