4 Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Home

Ottawa is home to nearly one million people. Therefore, we consume a great deal of electricity and many of us have higher energy bills as a result of our high consumption rates. By implementing a few changes and environmentally friendly habits, there are many ways to conserve energy in your home.

Unplug When Possible

Simply unplugging items not in use, such as phone chargers and video game systems, can help to conserve energy. Consider the fact that most homes have dozens of energy-reliant products plugged in at one time, and this collective feeding off the electricity grid results in a massive intake of wasted power. Give your home a room-by-room inspection and try to get into the habit of only plugging in specific items such as toasters, microwaves, and hairdryers when they need to be used.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Regardless of the time of year, we utilize indoor lighting that feeds off of the electrical grid. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by investing in energy efficient light bulbs. There are all sorts of lighting methods on the market, but if you’re looking to seriously reduce your energy bills and overall consumption, opt for some highly effective LED bulbs, which provide great lighting power with less energy use.

Cut Down on Air Conditioner Usage

Opting for alternative cooling methods such as turning on ceiling fans that are inexpensive to operate, opening windows for fresh breezes, and incorporating plenty of outdoor shade that shields windows and doors is important. This will help to reduce your home’s internal temperature without as much of a direct need to run to the thermostat. If you simply can’t bear it and have to run to the thermostat, try get that air conditioning to run at a lower setting. It is important to avoid deviating below a setting of precisely 25°C (77°F), as for each degree you go lower, you’ll consume 3-5% more energy. This can add up, and is precisely why many homes and businesses have higher energy bills in the summer.

Install ENERGY STAR® Appliances

All sorts of household electronics, appliances, and comfort control systems incorporate energy-saving designs that strive to save their owners money and prevent them from wasting electricity unnecessarily. Investing in modern ENERGY STAR® certified or equivalent products in each room of your house will enable a dramatic decrease in energy usage and lower your bills year-round. Also, incentives such as those for LEED-certified properties that make use of energy efficient technologies and products allow for you to receive a return on your environmentally friendly investment.

Applying even a few of these methods to your living environment will help to reduce your home’s energy usage by a sizeable amount. With every little tweak and change you’re willing to incorporate, your hydro bills will decline noticeably over time. This also contributes towards Ottawa’s goal of an eco-friendly city, and you can even receive a few financial kickbacks through incentives thanks to your green thinking.

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