What’s so Different About Organic Produce?

Regulated under the federal government under the Organic Products Regulations and required to meet Canadian Organic Standards (COS), organic produce is an invariably healthier and cleaner alternative to normal produce goods. Grown free of various harmful or invasive ingredients, they are the key to every quintessential natural and fresh meal on your dinner table. Here is a look at what makes organic produce so different.

Free of Synthetic Pesticides

While natural or plant-based pesticides may still be understandably used in organic food production, you certainly won’t find nasty synthetic (human-made) treatments anywhere near it. Also produced without any synthetic herbicides and fertilizers, organic produce is far safer and healthier to bite into, and you’ll be able to taste the freshness relatively easily. Many organic foods such as eggs, milk, fruit, and various meats are also free of synthetic treatments.

Zero Irradiation

This might sound frightening, but some produce may or may not be preserved by means of utilizing radiation energy. The consequences stemming from continued ingestion of exposed goods are dangerous to say the least, and ionizing radiation as a means of preservation is widely criticized by environmentalists and humanitarians alike. By opting for slightly more expensive organic produce, you’ll never need to stress over such potentialities, as these goods are never subjected to irradiation of any kind.

Free of Antibiotics and Growth Hormones

All organic food, including produce, is free of any growth hormones that are really only approved for use in beef by Health Canada (and at very low levels). They and antibiotics are used to treat sick animals, prevent and manage disease in crops, and promote growth. While the use of approved hormones and antibiotics is considered safe according to Health Canada standards, it never hurts to avoid ingesting them anyway. This is why organic produce is such a popular alternative for people who only want all-natural and intrusion-free goods in their refrigerators.

No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

The topic of much contention and many a heated debate as of late, GMOs are plant-based organisms that have been scientifically altered to behave in an unnatural manner. The DNA of these altered organisms is typically spliced with that of another species to create various scientific and nutritional benefits. Normally, GMOs are used to grow larger fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat hunger and an increase in population. While Health Canada meticulously works to ensure all GM foods introduced to the general public are safe for consumption, they are generally unlabeled. If you want to avoid GMOs in produce at all costs then organic alternatives are ideal, as they are not subjected to genetic modification.

By taking the time to consider what you are introducing to your body, you may come to the realization that organic produce is the safest, healthiest, and most thoroughly natural choice — and you’d be right. Much of Canada’s population is realizing the importance of eating healthy and thinking about what we eat, and as a result there is no shortage of wonderful organic options in every produce aisle.

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